In the village of Młynisko, an architect created for himself a house with a clean and timeless design. Large spaces are comfortable and abundant in natural light. From the outside, the building has been designed to be simple and aesthetically pleasing, while its surroundings are dominated by soothing natural greenery. Applying modern joinery products allowed to bring an ideal living space into existence.

Stylish terrace windows

The vertical glazing of the house is the exclusive FAKRO INNOVIEW façade joinery. Large-sized patio doors not only carry a plenty of natural light into the living area, but also open up the interior to the superb surroundings of the house. A wide perspective of greenery and a private lake blur the boundary between the living space and surrounding nature. Featuring high quality workmanship, FAKRO INNOVIEW vertical windows secure very convenient operation and comfortable living conditions for all year long. One can see narrow vertical glazings in many rooms that very effectively illuminate the interior, look magnificent on the building façade and co-create its sophisticated design. The vertical joinery range is completed with the FAKRO INNOVIEW LINE garage door. A stylish and functional product made of insulated panels and equipped with solutions enhancing the comfort and safety of use is a perfect fit for this project. Using the set of products made it possible to achieve impeccable aesthetics and elegance of the entire building. “Window surfaces play a key role in this project. When my wife and I managed to find the plot of our dreams, I immediately knew that the house designed there would have a number of glazed surfaces due to the beauty of the trees around and diversity of the terrain,” commented by an architect Łukasz Weirauch who is the project author and the investor in one person.

Well-matched roof windows

The size and position of roof windows were chosen so as that they are an extension of the line on the house façade marked by narrow vertical glazings. This resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious style of the outer layer of the building. The colours of windows were also matched to the overall design. Naturally, their external aluminium fittings go well with the roofing material colour, while internal profiles are in natural wood colour which corresponds to vertical windows and doors as well as other wooden interior finishes. There is a balance of clean, modern style with the warmth and natural charm of wood inside. “No less important are roof windows, which illuminate the corridor and additionally the kitchen. As they are situated on the northern side, direct sunlight never enters through them. In the evenings, together with the LED lighting inside the building, these windows also feature an impressive visual function of the entire building,” added by the architect.